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    Gunmen Dressed As Santa Massacre 35 People In Istanbul Nightclub Terror Attack

    An ambulance arrives near a nightclub where a gun attack took place during a New Year party in Istanbul, Turkey, January 1, 2017. REUTERS/Osman Orsal. Gunmen dressed as Santa Claus massacred 35 people in...

    Trump’s “America First” campaign is already a total failure: He has diminished our standing...

    Six months into his presidency, the failure of Donald Trump’s “America first” approach is evident. For one thing, America isn’t first anymore — it’s third. Over the weekend, Trump once again sought to present...

    Cannes films taunt selfish, insufferable men from Paris and New York

    © Studio Canal - Netflix | Louis Garrel is Jean-Luc Godard in Michel Hazanavicius's "Redoubtable" (left), while Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman star in Noah Baumbach's "The Meyerowitz Stories". The Cannes Film Festival explores...

    The truth about people who brag they don’t need much sleep

    For most of us, skimping on sleep means feeling cranky and foggyheaded the next day, but we all have that one friend who claims she can survive—even thrive!—on just a few hours a night....

    My priestly advice to Mrs May? Forget the crisps, worry more about refugees

    Theresa May has given up crisps for Lent. A small thing, you may say, when compared with giving up the European Union, for instance. And did she know that the alt-right have been boycotting...

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